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This all started of fairly well with a seemingly interesting plot and an endearing main character. However after the Sect Test Arc reached the extra trial it finally revealed how garbage it truly was. The Sect Elders are all disabled overused cliche character tropes and unnecessarily small brained. It’s like a bunch of defective Korean Drama girls who try to act cute and tsundere-like, and a soft useless old man as a sect leader. The greedy 5th Martial Aunt has the same personality as a greedy rich young master type mixed in with a low-IQ, thinks she is smart, bossy girl. This has caused the novel to become straight and udder trash. It is simply unbearable. If the 5th Martial Aunt existed then I curse her whole family down nine generations to excruciating agony, unparalleled sorrow, and a life of extreme humiliation.


Once Upon A Time, There Was A Spirit Sword Mountain

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