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Novel isn’t bad, but it’s a tad bit underwhelming. Kind of expected more when reading the author’s note in the synopsis. While the MC is indeed stronger than everyone in his world by a large margin, the situations surrounding him are quite frankly annoying. Not to mention the fact they’re left to stew for far too long and aren’t taken care of for no logical reason. That leads me to the novel’s progression, it’s entirely too slow, or rather inconsistent. Oftentimes an event that can be explained in a single chapter, is extended by several. I get the need to give readers a better idea of what they’re reading, but that’s no reason to spoon feed us everything like we’re slow of comprehension. There’s also the flip-flopping of past/present and flashbacks anidst events. Unnecessarily prolongs things and disrupts the flow of reading. Moving on, the MC, his interactions with others, the romance. I actually like the MC’s personality for the most part as he isn’t a pushover and is cruel to a satisfying degree. If anyone crosses him, he’ll give them hell(for the most part). He’s smart, snarky and just overall an enjoyable character to read about. My problem with him though in this regard stems from the romance. Honestly, when the story began I felt things were moving a bit too fast as within 10 chapters he was already moving in on two women. But after several dozen chapters, no further progress is made. It’s not until recent chapters that he has finally made a move after their feelings have long been made clear and a substantial amount of time passing. It was long overdue and at that point I felt no satisfaction from it finally happening. Anyhow, while I had several criticisms, I’d still recommend giving this a chance as it has its merits and I can see myself continuing to read this on occasion.

Primordial Soul's Rebirth


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Thank you for the review, but if you can tell me what you find annoying around MC, then I could try to make amends if possible.