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The translation is perfect. however, the story, not so much. The MC becomes Kage level when he's like 9 years old. He helps kid Obito and Kakashi achieve similar strength. He crafts divine level weapons and artifacts and distributes them willy-nilly. He displayed prime Madara levels of strength during the war as a 10 year old. Basically, he is a really overpowered protagonist typical of self insert fan fictions. However, what really irks me is the fact that the entire population of the Naruto world has been dumbed down to accommodate this MC, all of them believe his stupid excuses about how he's able to accomplish such feats and how he has such artifacts that even kages would dream of. Additionally, all the Chinese elements in the story are impossible to pair properly with the Naruto world, when characters call each other "brother" or they eat medicinal cuisine, or they refine their Chakra to further their cultivation it just feels off to me.

Naruto: Monthly Refreshing Passive System


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