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the title extra's pov yet his not even an extra, his just an outcast loser who proves himself as a loser by not showing his skills....and again "extra's POV" why not change it to "everyone's POV".• writting quality =4⭐ =👍• story development =4⭐ =👍• character design ⭐=why? bcs characters or the students are so bland ... instead of thinking what to do or worrying for their situation,future, they still worry about having school days again . no normal people will think about that in that kind of situation...and they're talking behind someone else back and that someone is the 2nd strongest classmate based on their knowledge.. instead of curry favour to her, they still have gals to talk at her back. they should have just worry abt their weakselves.. etc• updating stability =4⭐=👍• world background 2⭐= its bcs of class, what is benefits of class? faster lvl up? like how fast?is it only that?and why are they so fixated in class?when skill defines how strong u are?...and the stats, 1 stat point is equal to what? like 10 stat pointa is equal to a adult or something similar to that.... my is english s bad so ii really cant write what im thinking

An Extra’s POV


Liked it!

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