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Welcome to my third novel! I wrote two other novels before this one, Lightning Is the Only Way and Sword God in a World of Magic. This time, I want to go with a darker theme. I want to create a dark world where humanity is not the dominant species, and I want to tell a story about a character that, despite the darkness around him, still manages to see the light, while many others can't. Naturally, I'm not a guy that writes goody two shoes characters. Killings will take place. However, compared to my last MC, this one won't be as dark. But the darkness of the world will make up for it! Anyway, hope you have fun. Two Chapters per day. Join my Discord: https://discord.gg/EfePH46Aru


Kill the Sun


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author will mc be dark or kind and just type?if latter then I won't be reading it man.your last novel was great It's in my top 3 🧑‍🦼


Hey man, how are you, let me be frank, the Sword God series was one of the top 2 series for me until the last 300 episodes, but as of the last moment, I am sure that the Sword God series is definitely among all the series I have read so far. This impressed me the most. Thank you very much for writing this novel, in fact you are my favorite author hahahaha.


Is it weird that I can hear exactly what you would sound like inperson from the way you write, sort of depressed, monotone, but sharp.


I wrote you a comment a while back maybe a year now ? I’m not entirely sure, anyways it was about how much I loved LITOW and i just wanna say I loved sword god just as much ! I’m very excited for this new novel and considering the 80 chapters I’ve read so far I have a reason to be, I’m especially anticipating the MC making a fighting style or fixing his current problem of losing his powers when people see him. Anyways best of luck author ! Your my favourite one right now and I’ve read thousands of novels haha