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This fanfic is nothing but a disappointment, it had a lot of potential but the author himself ruined it all. first of all the main character act like a typical Japanese beta MC, like girls throw themselves at him and he make excuses for not banging them and he use the same excuse every single time "My little sister is at home alone". I feel like the author have never read the novel version of Oregairu. And it seems like he himself don't know how to proceed with the story. This is for the author if you are reading this, a lot of people have complained about MC's beta personality, I have been patiently waiting for his change in personality but my patience ran out when he invited Kotonoha Katsura in his weekly kendo practice session with Busujima Seako. Like what the fuck!!! Who in there right mind would do that, did you perhaps forgot how physically intimate they get after their practice session?


Life As Hikigaya Hachiman


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