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Was good is now just decent. A lot of the early story that was praiseworthy like good characters, direction and battles has been muted/ unutilised. characters- The characters was likely the best thing about this initially which is a shame because i feel like most of the building blocks of this story have had nothing of note done with them. The character aspect that was most important Ace and his charisma, decision making ,emotions and cool head etc feels like its been shelved with how weird and inconsequential everything the character is spearheading is. The recruitement is like most of what is done besides appearing weak in front of the strong(which i honestly just dont get that shouldve have lasted 1 arc maximum). Him having never displayed full strength in any situation besides recruitment is insane because we are 83 chaps in and still nothing for someone who's only threat are admirals, yonkou commanders and above how.Every pirate in the series outclasses him in bravery for how ballsy they are against people knowingly stronger. So what we get is a dude who talks big, picks on the weak and puts his head down against anyone that matters. Sigh (i personally think there hiding power trope has always been annoying and stupid in general outside this story.) fights- Fights were and id argue are still good they just have soooo much less impact and consequence since 85% in this story as a whole are just fighting people weaker and not taking them seriously and at the end of the 'fight' nothings changed just a time filler or practice dummy that makes reading them a slog if its so frequent. plot- Well the plot is mc wants to be emporer of the seas he gathers a crew and builds power and pretty much he is still doing that now. No real progress hell the last time a news coo was even brought up was during the early loguetown arc, since then its like nothing has reached the world and the characters are inside a giant filler arc bubble with self contained recruitement or power building quests that pile more and more and more and more onto the tools at their disposal with no real nuance to existing powers and how they should scale or will.(recently tried to patch it with a offhand remark from aokiji btw somewhere around the end of the latest ark coz author must've realised himself). Everything else just kinda happens things the author wants the crew to have will fall in their laps just coz lucky luck luck, upgrades and power boosts happen for what feels like every week in story and ever couple chapters in reading. No pacing or using anything for a long time before a change in use/thinking/upgrade etc. grammer- still good , decent, better than most one piece stories on this site.(decent/ mediocre now could apply to story as a whole too despite these bad points) yeah idk what happened all i can do is hope for improvement coz as it stands for some reason its just been degradation in story writing quality. Maybe ur not as focused on this as u used to be idk ive put my voice out there gl.

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you're right in tour last remark LMAO writing this story isn't really a priority. I just do this for fun, in between spare free time I have as a college student. But hey, thanks for the review! Considering how I barely put 10% effort to develop this story, I see your words as high praise.


yeah ch93 and still the same so i give up.