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The writing is decent, but that's pretty much it. It's either exactly following the original plot or developing an awkward romance between a rather uninteresting MC and Alex, and it's not awkward because they are 13. They are basically telling each other that they are interested but there is no progress in their relationship, and it's attributed to the MC being either dense or scared. And he is supposed to have gotten master manipulator from the gacha, so even if he isn't using the skill to manipulate, he should have the observational ability to realize the situation. The scenes from the show are left with no change outside his comments that don't actually contribute anything besides characters nodding and saying how smart he is. And whenever it's not about the original plot, you randomly get paragraphs of flowery descriptions that really don't fit with the whole "it's a modern family fanfic" vibe... Really out of place and kinda pretentious.


Modern Family: Gacha


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those flowery descriptions sometimes sound like the author just copy paste it from google or wiki lolol sometimes it takes up most of the chapter too 😅