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Great story I love the characters, the pace of the story is pretty good neither fast nor slow. Our female lead is a powerful character who is a martial arts expert.If u like martial arts (action scene stories)this is a good pick.Romance is enough to quench your thirst, with lots of action and good family drama ( not evil drama).There is a war happening two times in the story our female lead is a warrior who leads the army to fight and save the country.Male lead is handsome, intelligent character who loves our female lead.xuanyuan Xi (jingkong) is a little monk who jiaojiao adopts when he was three year old. He is super adorable, cute creature. You will love the bickerings of male lead and Jingkong. 😅All in all a super story, give it a try.

The Prime Minister’s Darling

Pian Fangfang

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