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Aight so this is a very rough rewrite at a fic I attempted to write before but for a number of reasons I will list here I have decided to rewrite 1. When I first starting the original I had absolutely no plan and was just going with the flow which you could likely if not for number 2 2. The way I wrote the first one was absolutely trash and didn’t even properly explain what was going on to the reader and this was a mistake born out of me never writing before. I will be trying to counter this problem by rereading my chapters like 5 five times over the span of a few days before posting to make sure they are at least halfway decent 3. The story just flat out made no sense, a few things the I could use as an example would be [A] Tanya getting put into nazarick, Being-X would never allow such good living conditions for Tanya [B] She was OP another thing Being-X wouldn’t let happen so long as she was again him 4. The Chapter were too short for any meaningful things to happen These are just some problems with the previous Fic that I will attempt to fix and I will list how I will attempt to fix these issues 1. She will be born into the new world just a few years before nazarick arrives to ensure she is in a bad position when nazarick does arrive 2. She will have to learn the new power system before she can enhance her powers by praying and this will also ensure she is not strong enough to fight one to one with even the weakest guardian 3. I have already plan out the next 40 or so chapters and the rough out line of the story 4. While she will be weak at the start of the story I have got ideas on fair powers that will allow her battle floor guardians and not get insta killed 5. I will try to ensure no chapter is under 2k in words and I will try to hit 5k in words in most chapters Finally while I can’t guarantee that my story will be any good I can guarantee I will try to at least make it decent so if you wish please give it a shot


Tanya in Overlord [Rewrite]


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Then I shall patiently wait for the next chapters. Please keep up the good work!!