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The story has a decent premise and it would be an ok read if it was more consistent... Numbers, abilities and the timeline itself get confused. Events are different from what MC experienced first for an unknown reason (so that it's not too easy for the MC, probably, because nothing he actually did should've brought the change). People set up organizations and camps within days of the apocalypse, a couple of weeks in and we meet someone who had been surviving for a couple of months in a grocery store, the MC is supposed to get an ability every level, but he gets to level 4 and has only 2, then he gets another ability when he levels up to... level 4! He keeps people that he knows are waiting to screw him over because it's entertaining, or believes that they are useful for now so he waits until they actually do damage before he deals with them... He complains that his group doesn't have enough strong people, but when he meets a new person he does everything to make the idea of joining his group look as unappealing as possible by acting like a huge cunt for no reason - he doesn't even really need all the supplies he steals from the person. He excuses it as a test of character - meaning he wants someone desperate and won't stand up for themselves.


Liked it!

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