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I've read up to c32 and I'm going to stop here... I generally like system fics with OP protagonists, but... I dunno. The system itself is simply one that tracks and allows for some progression, so there's not much to say about it, but what makes this fic frustrating is basically everything else. Issei becomes a shittier person than he was an the original. The fic tries to make it seem like he is no longer a pervert, but what's the reality? Sure he dumps his porn and no longer peeps, but he also dumps his friends. Yeah, they were perverts, but he wasn't that different, yet he doesn't give them a chance to go through the same experience, he just treats them as irredeemable trash. On the other hand, he is still a pervert. It's just ok because the girls like it, except there's no consent, he pushes forward and it's accepted. As if the one time he "goes slow" and doesn't go all the way with Akeno is supposed to make him seem like a better person... There's no interaction between characters of different groups, even though they are at the same place. Nobody mentions how Issei has fallen maids, the kendo chicks are just there for a bit, Issei may want to be the harem king, but it's odd that he just accepts Sona being into him while he is obviously lewding the two chicks, before he knows she's a devil. Even after that, there's no talk about "harems being a thing in the supernatural world". There's also a bunch of inexplicable things that happen that don't make sense. He gets ambushed and attacked by two fallen angels, where Rayray would've tried to get his sacred gear after sensing that it's actually strong, she originally wanted to kill him because she believed it was a waste of time. She might've even wanted to recruit him. Then Issei forces them to become his maids out of nowhere. Mittelt is knocked unconscious but then completely forgotten. And why the hell did they kill Asia? At least give some explanation! She was originally brought to extract her gear, what's the point of killing her on the first day? And Issei didn't even bother telling her about shit... The latest thing that I just couldn't get is that Riser seems to have an instant cast super fast super strong attack that can take Rias out of battle instantly. I mean, he fires a fire bullet at Asia, and Rias moves to intercept but she doesn't do anything except close her eyes and prepare to lose. SHE'S THE KING! The rating games are not fatal and if Asia takes the bullet she is just out of the game, but if Rias got hit then everything is over. If Riser was even capable of it in the first place. IT'S JUST SO DUMB!


Issei's Redemption


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