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I found the concept of the story interesting, all these things about tests, trials, etc., are really cool. The potential of the work is not bad. The biggest negative point of this story is the protagonist. The mc doesn't look anything like the strongest assassin in the past life, the mc doesn't have good control over his emotions (he should have since he's an assassin), the protagonist is very silly sometimes... What happened in the second trial between Aiden and Mia was ridiculous. Something typical of a silly Japanese isekai with fanservice where the girl likes the mc for random reasons, where they both fall to the floor and the mc's hands squeeze her melons by accident... bro, she asks for a kiss as a reward after all that ? and then sex? The protagonist acts very differently from what is expected of an assassin. sigh... I couldn't read after that. I found it very childish. If you are someone full of hormones who likes to do you know what, then you will have no problem with this.


The Strongest Assassin Reincarnates in Another World


Liked it!

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