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To be honest, I'm very disappointed with this. It started of great but then all hell break loose. The story had a lot of potential but man the author lacks so much imagination it sucks. Even the world building and the flashbacks, seems so confusing that its like tossing new information one after the other with no proper introduction of who it was or a depiction of that scene to imagine in a bit more clearly. And to the topic at hand of the lack of imagination, why have I said that? He had spell creation and created an item box skill and all that but he never thought of creating a disguise skill? Not to mention even the skill he has seems off to me, with that type of skill "skill creation" you can just create a skill that sucks in mana to from the surroundings constantly and have a spare back up to store it to have near unlimited mana in you. Even the plot itself sucks. The revenge thing works a bit even if was like a "meh" kind of thing but after that it was just collecting women. Its like collecting women like pokemon from then on.


A Journey That Changed The World.


Liked it!

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