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An imaginative and engaging read. The atmosphere, world building, and magic system of this novel has a very Lord of the Mysteries vibe, crossed with lovecraftian horror and creepiness. The writing quality and grammar is top-notch, easily comparable to the best novels on this site. The story had me hooked from page 1 and makes for an immercive experience, however it can be a little slow at times, with some excessive details, and a few too many Named cities/regions/characters to keep up with.Character design is on point, and the author is quite good at describing the feel of each scene. There is an overall inherent creepiness to everything, reminiscent of the dark souls / elden ring series.This novel is seriously underrated, and I'd easily put it on my top 5 novels on this site along the likes of Lord of Mysteries and Shadow Slave. A far cry from most of the brainless, derivative trash you find in the top rankings.


The Forsaken Sovereign


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