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absolute must read if you are Harry Potter fan and played Hogwarts Legacy. Even if you haven't played it just look up a quick overview of the story and the interesting things in the game and BOOM you got yourself a great story with some good action not to fast or slow between it. The only problem is I just cant get enough. i wish it was one of the novels with 1000 chapters. Would be cool if after went to different magical worlds after potter verse. like an magic accident during an experiment sent his whole house to a different world. maybe the rules of that world nerfed him to acceptable level and gets some back as he gets stronger?

A Legacy Continued


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or just make a new novel same character but instead of being in stasis for 100 years to get pulled through a rift to another world/worlds would be cool to. I just like the character to much lol


I have things planned past voldy. He might take up 1/5 of this story tbh 🫡