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I wanted time killer but this is not even worth being time killer. It seems that in middle of the story author watched JK and gacha system turned into JK gacha system. MC is bland. Entire story just goes forward and you feel nothing. JK isn't bad story but fanboy masturbating over it in story that was supossed to be multiversal it's low move. From first JK gacha story went from random system fanfic to borring crap with no real point in existence. Outside of this, entire gacha thing is badly made. Common and uncommon are fine. Epic gachas are worse than rare gachas? I recently started to kill time with ff but it's hard to find something enjoyable. Anyway. Good luck. I said enough. Maybe, future chapters will be better or story will be dropped as other ones.


Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse


Liked it!

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