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There is nothing interesting going on in this fanfic let me tell you in details, maybe author might get some help from this. 1. MC powers are very uninteresting. There is nothing interesting going on. 2. Lack of climax in the segment of the story. The MC achieves nothing particular interesting or different from the actual story line. Nothing to look forward to except the system. 3. Failing expectations of the readers. Its not like i am tell you to listen to the readers, no no thats not what it is , i want to say that we are getting excited on what the rewards will be from the gachas but the rewards pours cold water on us. 4. The story progress seems vague ......... 5. There were few sparks of romance but the author killed it. 6. Otherworld introduction haphazardly and choosing a wrong world. Fairly tail would be a nice world for the MC to grow but he chose MHA even though he got quirk. People would be excited for MHA if he didnot have a quirk and then get a quirk after going there and starting to develop it along side with the MC or the MHA arc 7. Again the choice of quirks and powers are so no interesting enough. 8. Poor utilization of powers, even after MC got kirishima's quirk he seems very fragile. Not saying you have to make MC op from start but remember its a fanfic , if we want MC to struggle just like every other novel we would not come here to read fanfic. 9. its been 90+ chaps nothing going on in those chapters, trust me if u skip few chapters in the middle u will not miss anything than fillers.


Gacha In Marvel and the Multiverse


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