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The story is overallmid. The main issue is the structure of the story and jist how freaking broken and unbalanced the system is. First of all, each reading of the story feels like i am reading an entire paragraph. It could have been shortened enough or used either 1 or 2 sentences. The first few chapters was pure info dump. As a story, the system completely is broken and unbalanced. He does a few certain actions and boom, high grade sword and powerful devil fruit. Heck, chapter 1 and he already has jack sparrows compass which is one of the most op items. Since he knows one piece, the whole limitations of the compass won't work. It feels more like he is actually buying the rewards directly instead of being a gacha. Sure Gamer systems are meant to make the mc strong fast but this is just ridiculous, how many chapters in and he already has high class weapons and a large number of devil fruits. I can pretty much say that the next thing he could be recdiving is the rokushiki and haki, all after only a number of chapters in. The whole weaktostrong tag doesn't really fit in to this story. The structure could be fix but the system is overall broken.


ONE PIECE: Game Game No Mi


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He doesn’t really use the devil fruits on himself tbh