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A passable generic novel but as I read it I realized it's always the same thing. Always powerful ennemies that keep coming and be more powerful as the MC gets powerful. The novel is centered on the MC upgrading his skills by doing simulation and never actually cultivating on his own. He has dozens of skills but only because he needs skills to improve. We know the future story by the simulation notifications. It is written as a short summary so the story feels more like a report than a real story. In short, the author found a idea for a system and the entire story is about how powerful it makes the MC. But to avoid him to be OP, the author gives him extremely powerful foes (until he farms points with simulation and easily wins) and then other powerful foes come into play. The more frustrating thing is how brainless the MC is. He can simulate the future so he knows what will happen but he does zero scheming. The simulations only show how in deep sheet he'll be and instead of using his head to avoid the situation he just farm points to get stronger.


Life Simulation: Add Tags Starting with Wellness Technique

Midnight Beast

Liked it!


Why scheme when you can use extreme strength to take over everything and I’m sure u noticed but with each simulation and any slight deviation a whole new issue or threat occurs so even if he manages to scheme one scenario he’ll be in another deep shit till he simulates again. This novel is acc one where mc really needs simulation at every turn cause without simply simulating and increasing his strength and trying to scheme he won’t even know how he died.

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