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Okay so I have read the novel. > The story has a unique idea and the whole story revolves around an Evil scientist who wants to destroy everything. > Mc is actually the villain of the novel. > Mc's soul gets reincarnated in a man who was in coma living in 2050. He was an evil scientist and his evilness soon possessed MC to change. > Current year in the novel is 2050 and Mc is 42 years old. Before coma he was in 2040 and 32 years old. Mc came from 2022 when he was 22 years old so there is a difference of age between the real owner of the body and the person coming from the past. > The book doesn't really have harem in it but there is romance as Mc loves his wife but when she comes in his way he decides to kill her. > All characters in the novel have their unique powers whether it's Mc's wife who is a goddess or his enemies. > There aren't many flashbacks in the novel telling about MC's past who got reincarnated but he was weak and often bullied in the past but in this body he had a chance to bully others now.




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