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the story is good but it has a lot of filler The problem isn't even the filler, because I like calm chapters with a little slice of life. but the author delays the development of the story a lot. the name of the book and lineage, but it took 200 chapters to release the lineage, a lot of delay, it took a lot of time. Another problem is that every time someone strong realizes that there is something inside their heart that will kill them, but everyone says they can't help. that's a lot of bullshit, even a dragon that must be thousands of times stronger than the person who put the thing in the mc, said he couldn't help him, I know it was a fragment of his consciousness, but it's still a lot of bullshit the dragon in be able to help. and even if they can't help they should warn the mc, but neither the man in the tower nor the dragon warned him, just the thing in his heart, that's ridiculous. Mystery is good, but that's what the author does is just mess around, pretending to be a mystery. What's the point of hiding this from MC? It doesn't make any sense for the man or the dragon not to tell him

Celestial Bloodline


Liked it!

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