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You got to be deleting the review bc no way it is still rated 4 before 100 it was good but now I don’t know what I watching.Some of his family wanted to kill him with poison so he switch it to they child his dad a cockhold he didn’t tell him it would have be funny if u did that ok next he join the sect the WHOLE family get to enjoy the benefit next he just making pills all day I guess forgive the family now the sect in danger he don’t care about the sect know he going to help them 😐why bruh you had a good Mc not he like a extra and he don’t use the system I bet when he in danger is when going to start using it again he like one of the Mc that want to so low key but make high profile move 😂I liked it I was Forceing myself to kept reading but now I getting tired you made his 2nd life trash


Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System


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