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it is a good light read for passing time. my main problem with this novel is consistency it doesn't stick to one theme. like for some there two chapters about psychology in between for no reason like the author read Reverend insanity and got inspired to write, it was not that those were bad but it is way too random and not consistent with the story. another thing is author heavily replies on the fact reader should be familiar with xianxia novel. world building was okish at best, author did put some effort in geography and sects but that was it other that the cultivation system really most generic one on top of that author don't even strach the surface try to explain it we just take them at face value but because of that realms really lose their weight. i personally love the system novels if it is done well. it is done well(in my opinion) when the system is not too op and mc has to be creative with it for him succeed in various difficulties he faces. here calling the system OP would be an understatement this system is beyond broken because he just need exchange point he can anything he wants and it's not like exchange points are hard to come by like only be found on some artifacts no he can literally get exchange point form everything around him and spirits stones. so getting exchange points is also not hard. that's why I said this was a light read and the thing I loved most about this novel is probably the comedic undertone, hit the jokes when needed and keep it serious when necessary .


Transmigrated Scoundrel's Exchange System


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