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Couldn't even make it past chapter 5. FL is "at the end of her rope" so goes to the room reserved for the most powerful person in order to offer herself up. WITHOUT BEING ASKED??? What on earth made get think that this WOULDN'T offend someone? Secondly, after they get into a fight, she kicks him, THEN WONDERS if she'd offended him. WHERE IS THE LOGIC?! Then, to top it all off, she RUNS AWAY after doing the deed, shocked, without getting any benefits. NEGATING HER ENTIRE PLAN OF SLEEPING WITH SOMEONE FOR BENEFITS?! Idk I can't deal with this kind of FL who doesn't have a brain. ML gets a shout out for sleeping with her only after confirming her identity, but what kind of lover would take advantage of someone who's only doing this because they don't have any other option?


Rich Family's Pamperings: Mysterious CEO's Proud Wife

Ye Feiye

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actually after the first chapter and read a glimpse of second chapter I already felt something is wrong. Then I checked the review and found yours.... I think I'll skip this. Thx