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Beautiful writing style Quality Background Building Wonderful Development but that is trash now It's too slow. I've got no qualms with slow novel but this is unnecessarily slow. The fanfic had so much forward momentum, so much drive and fore building but everything got fucked up and became snail paced slow purposely. Now MC is doing some pig eating tiger shit that truthfully is just annoying It would have been better if the MC reincarnated into an OC already in prison than for him to be imprisoned for such a stupid reason and for so god-damned long. Like if they imprisoned him for so long over a stupid reason. I wonder how long author thinks that they imprison their actual criminals Another thing is the unnecessary edge. It would have been better if we had an original hold of his character before the imprisonment but we only got like 2 chapters while the rest is just edge lord at it's finest.

Bleach: Innate Control


Liked it!

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