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Very interesting concept and it was OKish to read up till chapter 20ish but the more i go the more the chapters become fillers. The MC can evolve so many things but doesn't. I dnt know what he is waiting for. He can continuously evolve living things and non living things but dnt know why he doesn't. The first part of the novel was going somewhat good with the prospect of kingdom building but around 60 ish chapters it become adventure type novel. Sometimes while reading this it feels like author have dementia and is continuously forgetting that the MC have Evolve skill. This skill should be used in all the chapters but its rarely shown. Also the romance is kind of forces in my opinion. The pacing of the story is way to fast and most of the chapters are filled with fillers. For example when MC evolves any living thing it will come with a chapter or 2 with it. Even if u skip those chapters u will not feel like you missed anything. Just try it and tell me.


I Shall Evolve Everything


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i was always like , dnt you evolve this and solve it or evolve that and solve it but nah the author wanted to be dramatic. The MC could have been OP and interesting read but it was decimated by the author so badly.