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At first I like the story but as the story progressing the other characters keeps annoying to the point its childish like MC didn't do anything but they kept bothering him bruh I though they were nobles especially those hero tropes I expect them to be a little mature more to be 12 years old especially being a high nobility and also I want to see more MC using his knowledge on the game like going to the other place to get that items/skills and many more and lastly maybe MC can steal those heroines that didn't met yet by the hero instead of having a prejudices about mc at first sight and fawning already at the hero at first glance because of hero charms or worlds will and that's it ty.


Erotic RPG: I am in the Game world, But My Heroines are Villainesses


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It’s the protagonist halo and the villain halo it seem cuz they hate callius for little reason and like the hero for small reasons. Ye they do behave like 12 year olds sometimes but that’s mainly because it’s a world where strong rule and weak obey, so even if they know they are wrong they still do it. Just like callius step mom also said that she’s wrong but she still bully’s mc. Also it’s in the title he will get the villainesses not the heroines.