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I've pushed through until chapter 400+ and while I enjoyed the story, and have grown to ignore the Chinese nationalist racism, I think I'm done with this story. The plots and world building were pretty good for a while, but then became repetitive, he is the only one that got any kind of actual assistance from the "world" while everyone else, even the 2nd place island lord, got subpar hand-me-downs, which makes it basically impossible for anyone to progress in that world except the MC. All the "Hero's" that he gets are all Chinese generals and ancient folklore/mythology, so unless you are stupidly well read on all Chinese history and writing, you won't understand the gravity behind him having Zughe Liange (I think I spelt that right lol) as a strategist/general, or any of the other influencial historical chinese figures.

Worldwide Survival: Begins As An Island Owner

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