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Pretty bad in my opinion. Horrible math, bad translation, unlikable mc (hes an asshole whos ready to kill because of a misunderstanding he caused, also in general is very bland), bland side characters, uninspired abilities, MC is too overpowered too quickly for this type of novel, finally the various character reactions to the events that happen are pretty weird. For example when he comes out of a portal with his undead people freak out. But they literally saw him summon those exact skeletons like a day ago. Or when a female assassin mistakes him for a cultist and puts a knife to his neck, mc summons his skeletons to surround them and she immediatly gives up, asks him for food, acts pitiful, weird behavior like that. In general the females are potrayed in a way to make them seem weak, flirty, rude, and dumb. My conclusion is that the author may not get outside too much and may have incel type views of women.


As An Undead Wizard, I Summon SSS-level Undead Disaster


Liked it!

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