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Hi @everyone, So I am here today to talk with you guys. Coz I trust you. I am currently facing writer's block and I have no idea what exactly to do. A few days back I thought to write and published "His Savage Girl". I thought to write a short story but a few incidents happened to me that kinda made me face writer's block right now. So as you all know I injured my leg a few days back and today I resigned from my job too. It became too hectic for me to do anything and receive immense pressure every day. To be honest this is the first time when I am facing such an issue As if my mind is not working right now. So I thought to take down "His Savage girl" for now and take Hiatus for some time. I don't know if I will be able to come back with books again soon or not, but I guess I will try. Thank you everyone for the support. I hope you all stay safe and fine.

His Savage Girl


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