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There are lot of things that drag the novel down 1. Mc seems like mastermind or at the least author tries to portray him as such. But the thing is that it's not realistic in the slightest and feels childish how easily he gets everything done. 2. His power is the one that makes the most impact for my 1star review. TRUE escanors power has a huge drawback. Making him a glass cannon like superman. And once you know his kryptonite even a normal human could kill him. Bur this is Naruto universe you know that you are weak in night. Then shouldn't you atheist learn something to save yourself. The dude enters war where he fights entire village in day and the village protects him during night. This is perhaps the stupidest use of espanol powers in Naruto. 3. It would be fine if escanor was a planet buster or invincible in Naruto universe. Then it would have made sense for him having such a huge weakness but he is not. There are many people and ways to seal or even kill him. And that is what makes his weakness frustrating. Especially when the Mc does nothing about his night weakness.


Naruto: Our Goal Is To Dig Every Corner of Konoha


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