Review Detail of Mortifer in My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse)

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Started out cliché with a ROB taking interest in a random mortal. I could live with that as the why is not really important. The cheat choice is not unique as well since there's at least two other ben10 crossovers with mha especially in a03 site. The beginning was kinda interesting with the MC not being born in any country but having his own family island thereby implying at least political and financial strength (which was useless altogether) Then the clichés just piled up and snowballed (yearly gacha, an orphan butler, crush from another verse altogether being there somehow, etc. ) The tipping point was the death of the parents. Wow. It's like you took every single cliché developments in hero stories and decided to just cram it all into one story hoping it does well. Yeah Goodluck with that.


My Alienic Life In Omniverse(MHA[My Hero Academia] /Omniverse)


Liked it!

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