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its not that bad but its not amazing the grammat is good and he had thought about the world and wjat he eants from it. but if i look at the character and develepment it feels mote like a anti hero story than a true villain story. i also dislike how soon the mom was killed off. i usually cry if that happens but i didnt even feel any connection to her and het death wad more like a introduction on why he would hate heroes while his dad was also used and sacrificed by them. also some old dude wanted to give him powers without even knowing him and he rejected 2 times without knowing the deal behind it. wasted opportunity tbh. but all else its a fun book to read. i like how he doesnt know his powers and even gets to confident. would rate it 3.5/5 and will read it to see where it goes

A Villain's Guide to World Domination


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