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Well, where do I start, the story has potential, the premise is good but poorly executed, the idea was a different, badass Luffy with a different Devil Fruit and he delivers, but Luffy isn't as badass as he thinks he is, his mythical zoan is fucking boring, no joke, a giant fire-breathing animal, if it were kaido's fruit, maybe it would be more interesting, he uses ifrit, a fire jinn from final fantasy as an akuma no mi, the excuse is that the new Luffy would be unable to awaken Hito Hito no Mi Nika, but there could have been several fruits that could have been substituted, but using a fire demon was the worst choice, as I said it could have been a dragon, Luffy has a monstrous physique like Kaido or a white beard. However, he is just a little above average, Luffy after the two-year time jump would clean the floor with him easily, he has a system where he can take EVERYTHING Luffy wants but it only serves to be convenient for the author as he is incapable of writing a story good enough to get something that the characters want or need, he could buy super soldier serums increased by a hundred times or something to increase the potential of everyone in the crew but as I said the system only serves to be convenient for the author and I personally hate it system, the story is drawn out and sometimes not at all fun, Luffy is provoking God and the world but if they send an admiral he is super fucked and he knows it but he prefers to be an idiot than the genius he thinks he is, and of course the author loves yamato a lot because no matter what luffy does he will never get over it, in general everyone is useless including luffy in comparison to yamato, and the funniest thing is that if yamato was just a little more intelligent and not submissive to yamato luffy she became the captain's damn thing, she's not just strong she's the strongest of the bunch, the author is too lazy to write his own story because instead of starting from childhood and developing from there, he doesn't start from where the story began in the barrel, and certain events become VERY strange and boring when this happens, if he started from Luffy's childhood he would have more than enough time to develop in terms of power and relate to the crew but the author wasn't into it, but well that's it my review.

One Piece - I Am A Different Luffy!


Liked it!

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