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This is my story 'The Wolf Prowling Across Dimensions', which I've written and posted on FF.Net. At the moment, it's over 100 chapters, and 800k words long. I like to think I got better after a while, but that's up to the readers. I'm sort of more annoyed that I have to have a set amount of characters to even post a review here, which is almost as stupid as the attempt to play my story off as your own. Anyway, that's all I guess. Though I still haven't hit the character limit, and even though I want to spam some shit, I don't know how the site would take it since I don't really use this one. I did before, I think, but not recently, especially not to cross post my story here. Now I'm just going to put random words here to fill up the character limit. Um, oh, ah, whatchamacallit, whatever, whozzat, blue, red green, red, green blue, purple, rainboooow, Orange, murder, conspiracy, unkindness, which the former one is a bunch of crows, the latter two are a gathering of ravens, which is just funny to me actually. The first guy to name a flock of ravens a 'conspiracy' must've been on something, and I want what he was on. At this point I realized I had to fill out all the stars, and not just one of them, I'm kinda stupid.

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