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Just reading chapters 1 through 8 is worthy of 5 stars. A mother wounded from battle carrying her baby in the snow on her back is empowering. And manages to send her daughter through time and get the half key to her sister who was also wounded in battle. And still has love and humility in her heart because she paused before asking those who serve her to give their lives because she didn't have the strength to seal off the half key. Her servants fought admirably against the garbeast. What savages they are. I'm still waiting to find out if they can be killed. And then there's Fenrec. I find it hard to believe that he loves anyone let alone his daughter considering the fact that he played a pivotal role in this war torn world. But then I find out he wasn't being truthful with serentus which made me hate him less. But not even I would have wished such a harsh death on him. That was painful to read. Now the fight scene at the council building was epic. They did their best to fend serentus off. They stuck to their training but his power was to much for them to handle. Serentus is just evilness without a solid form. And why did that young squads man try to attack serentus alone. He gets an a for effort. But fell down dead to the floor dead. I think lump was the word you used. Lol I like it. And then comes my boy Gione and his squad going toe to toe with serentus. It was beams, and force fields, and slowing down movements to avoid attacks. This shown down was fantastic. And Lydia is a f**king badass. I love her. Where does she get her powers from. I was so excited to write this review now I'm saddened thinking about Lydia's death. She died a heroes death. I just hope they can find a way to bring her back in upcoming chapters. This is a masterpiece. Excellent writing. Keep up the good work.


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Wow! Thank you very much for your honest review. Will keep improving. Hope you'll stay till the end to find out the answers to all your questions ♥️