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it's good story the game that he created and the story about someone who play the game is good and was pretty immersive


I Developed The Zombie Apocalypse And Netizens Went Crazy With Excitement

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Divine Emperor of Death Great novel. In start it's like a silly novel because I think its author's first novel. But after 300, story build up well. After 1200+, story will get better, and it led readers to curious about what happen next. Some misunderstanding happens (like you will get wrong ideas for some scenarios) if you read around 300 or little less chapters because you will think it's just an OP or something not right to read because it's silly novel. But just trust and read at least 1500+ chapters and you will find those early worries not necessary and lot of OP(like death note) will come up with lot of restrictions. (Those are figured in novel by MC) Novel gets very interesting and now its lot more with cliffhangers (I'm at 2513). Also, author discount (99%) 3rd tire privileged chapter for just for 90 coins. For unlock 3rd tire 90 coin, each chapter also 1 coin (99% discount) Include 6 chapters for that tire. Also join his discord channel there you can clarify about your doubts about some chapters, if you feel novel will get wrong direction or not right in your sense. because author like to mislead readers (like teasing) and write entirely different stories. Also, author like to hang the reader's lot of cliffhangers. So, if you think it's not right to read story because you think it wrong like something happen, then you can ask it on discord spoiler channel and clarify what will happen next by fellow readers and continue to read.