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I read about 5 chapters and that was enough to make me quit. 1. Really poor translation, I'm guessing very lightly "edited" MTL. Like second chapter the MC's name keeps changing. 2. Practically no character design or personality. 3. Another transmigrated into a game setting. 4. System lacks logic and is convoluted needlessly, can't make heads or tails what the author is trying to portray half the time. That could also be from bad translation idk. 5. Story is dog water, actually feels like its written by a 14 y/o Chinese author who somehow is already into the grind of pumping out shitty stories. Could write more but just read the first 5 chapters and you should get a good grasp on quality of novel. You know its kinda crazy that when the voting new stories thing was still fresh, there would be tons of stories that never made it to the the final vote that would stomp the stories given to vote on nowadays. Like can some of you translators should give some of those stories another chance. My library is full of bangers that are hard stuck on 60 or 40 chapters.


After Favorability Is Maxed

Fire Of Ten Thousand Calamities

Liked it!

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