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Phew ok, I'm going to try and not ramble too much. Me coming across this book was a complete accident that happened like 2-3months ago maybe?? Then I decided to pick it up and boy... it's so good bro. Honestly speaking, it's probably in the top 3 of my fav qt novels and top 5 of fav novels at the moment. Everything seems pretty well thought out and genuinely it's a very interesting and unique novel that gave me a refresher. The arcs explored in this novel are fairly common(there's really so much you can do) but this one puts sucha unique and fun littel spin on every arv that keeps me hooked. I wish I had more free time so Ii could read this masterpiece more. What's appreciated by me personally here is that, although the arcs can be considered fairly short, the characters feel very real. The behaviors and reactions they have towards things feel like how actual people would react. A personal favorite is arc 2 where we get shown the aftermath of what hapoens after our favorite protagonist leaves. It feels real. I don't want to give spoilers because I believe that this book is a jouney you have to travel yourself. Just a personal preference, I also really like the fact that the arcs aren't too long. That's actually what causes me to drop qt novels most of the time, arcs start at like 20 chapters and eventually get to 200+ per world and I get tired and sick of it. The pacing overall is very well done and everything seems like it's on the right track and it's truly an enjoyment to read. I definitely recommend this novel to anyone looking to pick it up. Great work author and thankyou for writing this book <333

QT: Grace To Grass Counterattack System


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Thank you soo much for the review. I'm soooo happy!!!🤗🤗🤗🤗


hate different storylines in one novel.