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I have enjoyed this story a lot! Went into this not expecting much since authors tend to be one-hit wonders. But both of the stories that I have tried have been entertaining. Will probably be checking out the other ones next. This story is plot-heavy. It revolves a lot around a tragedy that happens somewhere in the story's timeline, and it keeps building on it in exciting and dramatic ways. The author doesn't shy away from epic scenes and dramatic reputation-building. And importantly I never stopped buying his actions or his group. I really liked seeing his organization being formed btw. A highlight of the story. Some bullet points. It isn't cringe. This isn't an edge lord story as the murderer start would imply. No harem. No romance yet either. Lots of action. Slow but gradual character growth. Also world travel. A lot of world travel. This point btw... This is a story for people interested in Naruto fanfics that break the mold of Konoha - academy - ninja - canon plot. So fair warning. Though for me it's a good thing. 10/10 would read again.


Naruto: The Blind Swordsman


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