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4/5 ⭐ Good Fanfic. To keep it short there's three problem imo: 1. Time line Such as age, 4th raikage age is far too old. And 3rd war is not supposed to be that close to 2nd war but author keep saying like it would happen anytime right now. 2. MC power is growing too fast He's already as strong as 5 kages when he still 11. That makes it feel like we're reading chinese fic. 3. Interaction between characters There's not much interaction between MC and other characters, and that makes their relation feels forced. That's all, and Thank you for your hard work author👏👏


Naruto: The Blind Swordsman


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Note: point 3 is not with fmc since there's no fmc yet. It's between MC and his organization, and raikage seems to be too kind with mc. Btw I just realize that there's only few significant character seen in this fic despite already have more than 50 chapter.


Glad you enjoy the fic despite its faults :)) About the timeline, the second war and the third war do actually only have like a year gap in between them. At least that's what I was able to find. Kishimoto doesn't pay much attention to such details tbh, so I can do whatever I want basically :)) And I did age up a few characters, but not by much. I basically made both B and A a few years older. Regarding the mc's power, he may be at the level of the 5 kage, but currently, his growth is somewhat stopped, it will also slow down a lot from here, since he's already improved on most of what he could have. Compared to people like Madara and Hashirama(even the third Raikage) the mc is still weak. I'll try to make a few more interactions in the future since I can 100% see how that's a pretty big issue ;(


Well that's great. And maybe the war timeline is right?🤔 Since there's no official timeline anyway, though I still think it should be several years apart. And thanks again sir Author


2nd shinobi war, Minato was a student. 3rd shinobi war, Minato has Team Minato already.