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Let's see. I love this novel. That's the review. The end. Just kidding. Let's see. Let's start from some parameters that help you understand the novel. Firstly, the writing quality is fantastic. It is genuinely good. Veganmaster has delivered another beautiful piece. I love the mc. He feels interesting. That's all I can ask for at this point, really. The storyline has quite a lot of potential. I love all the ruthless undertones and brutality in the story. for instance, in a recent chapter, the author described the fight like, "he pulled the heart out of the jonin before twisting his head. Soon after the other two jonins were also found with twisted head. Their headstart couldn't save them." I think that's how that went. So, yeah. It's brutal and I love it. Author, keep up the good work. Also, don't shy away from the gruesome and horrifying parts of the story. We love it. Thumbs up.


Naruto: The Blind Swordsman


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