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Ok, so, I've currently read the latest chapter (ch 38 Push and Pull) and I'll be giving my review based on that progress. Just to note, I'm no professional reviewer or anything like that, just a guy who decided to give my two cents about something he liked reading. Writing Quality: 5/5 I couldn't spot anything that made me go, "Oh, that's miss spelled" or "This sentence makes no sense". Either I'm just too blind or it's really just that good. Stability of Updates: 4/5 I started reading this when 38 chapters were already released. So I have yet to experience a 'wait time'. It'd feel unfair if I were to give a 5/5 though. Story Development: 5/5 I think this is being done very well, slow, but still very well. At no point in time did I ever feel any chapter was 'filler'. The overall pacing, though slow, is always in constant motion. If you can't tell yet, if you don't enjoy novels that take their time, then you'll probably want to pass on this one. Character Design: 5/5 Okay, so here is where ... more than a few complaints from other readers have originated from, but I'll cover that in the overview part. The side characters or any character that's not the MC are all very enjoyable to read about. I can truly say that I'd enjoy reading a sort of side content about Lei (or Jackie) and Kaliya during that 3 year time skip. The MC is .... feels... real to me. Not really sure how else to describe that, it's a good thing that's for sure though. World Background: 5/5 Things feel very fluid and consistent with how the world is progressing and reacting. Again, it just feels good and nice with nothing really negative standing out. Overview: Ok then, so, it's a good novel. Plain and simple, it's fun, engaging, I wanted to just keep reading it and not stop... until I had to. A big complaint I've seen from other comments is that the MC isn't the real Madara or that the story is too slow. Truthfully, those comments are correct, but that's not a bad thing though. No, in fact it's a great thing. The Madara in this novel isn't the 'Real Madara', but he's still very strong.... borderline OP. I only say borderline OP cause it's doubtful he'd be able to handle the BIG 'foes' in the spirit realm... for now. Not too sure if that's something that'll change in the future or if it's something that even needs to be changed. At the moment, Madara is his own character unique to the novel, not some overt-OP demi-ninja-god that most people might be used to. That's a great thing though, cause that ties into why the novel feels 'slow'. Gotta remember, this is the ATLA (Avatar: The Last Airbender) world, this is a rather small-low-tier power ceiling world. If Madara WAS full power, he'd bulldoze practically anything & everything in this world, not something that'd be too exciting for every novel. The story goes 'slow', but it gets all those details that are easily missed by many people. Something I feel actually helps to push this novel into a higher tier of novel, if that's even a thing. Look, I feel I've been going on a bit too long here, so I'll just say it's a good novel. Give it a try, see if you like it, no it's not the OP Madara you might be expecting but he's still a fantastic character. I'll be looking forward to reading more. I'll be sure to update/edit this review as more chapters get released to keep it consistent.


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So he isn't madara and he doesn't have madara's power? Then what's the point? If you advertise the novel as 'Madara', I expect Madara, not a fake lookalike


I want to answer your questions the best I can, but it's been awhile since I last read this novel though I'll still do my best. Is he Madara? Short answer, no he is not the 'real' Madara. Think of it more like he is his own person but with everything that made Madara...well, Madara. He has his skills, abilities, knowledge, muscle memory and all that shi-bang stuff. The only thing is he's gotta grow into all that stuff... at least, if I remember correctly, that's how it was. Again, it's been some time since I last read this novel, so excuse me for any mistakes. I'd suggest giving the novel a read, it's pretty good but don't expect it to get updated any time soon which is a real bummer.

Space_Fox:So he isn't madara and he doesn't have madara's power? Then what's the point? If you advertise the novel as 'Madara', I expect Madara, not a fake lookalike