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The story is well written with a holy knight / anti hero cliche where MC knows he has plot armour , and plot armour is over used more than what you would find in a typical chinese novel. He risks his life for no reason in the later chapter . The church is giving him nothing yet he stays a loyal dog or " he will be killed " or how he is assured to die if he doesn't promise to marry but he still says " oh no church will kill me if I do" .... like he is not going to die now. He keeps abstaining by saying that he is really old . MC has no desire rather a forced plot development . Then he barely trains even when he says he must . Man train instead of wasting money on church missions. He is supposed to be smart but to me he appears a dumb wanna be hero with no inking of what or how real life works.


I Became The Pope, Now What?


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its the reflection of the authors mindset bro. what did you expect


The "I read 20 chapters and think I know the novel" crowd


huh ? I read way more than 20 chapters. I think I stopped sometime after that old monk died and the god started talking to him. I am not sure why you would make this assumption ? are you too biased or perhaps are inflicted with " I will lick author's feet" disease or just have bad taste ?

Za_Giraffe:The "I read 20 chapters and think I know the novel" crowd