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You're in the wrong novel man, this novels mc is a punching-bag and a typical coward with strong cheats that could literally make him stronger than anyone if he use it intelligently and the author is literally elongating the novel by making him acquire nuclear energy harder than ever. All while he was at the academy he was literally taking months just to accumulate 1,000,000 points of nuclear energy and later he was chased and about to get killed but suddenly he falls into a unknown place and boom he was in an abandoned research center that is coincidentally having a germanium stone containing 100 millions points of nuclear energy, plot armour, this author is just a profiteer bitch with novels with quality lower than bin novels, some mtl novels is literally better even though you will have harder time understanding you can still read it and understand the amazing story, not like this inconsistent shit. Author you should stop writing, it will never be good enough unless you decide to change which I don't think you greedy self would do and I don't think the readers will accept it.


Blood Titan System


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