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This is the third "set" of books I have read by this author, and her writing style is much more developed and mature than most titles available on this and other platforms. Her characters are well fleshed out, emotionally mature, multidimensional people, which drives their reasoning and actions. Inter-character relationships are emotionally complex and compelling. Jasmine leans towards what some might call slow burn, and the payoff is always worth the wait. I have never seen an author more skilled at writing "intimate scenes", either in ebook or indeed print - while many authors end up with clumsy or cringey attempts, often due to out of place or character language/terminology, Jasmine is the master of build up, sensuality, and giving you enough tantalising detail to fill in the rest in the way that only your own imagination can. I loved her second series "Heart of Darkness", and from what I have read of Touch of Flame so far it's been just as compelling, if not moreso. I can't wait to see more!


Touch of Flame


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