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I always find it difficult to review a book at the beginning. But, I know the importance of reviews for the authors. So, at this point I can say a few things. One, solely based on my reading history with author Jasmine Josef I can attest with conviction this will be a great book. I will further that by saying anyone who does not read this book will miss out on a very good book. I chose to read this book because I have read or am reading other books by her. She does not disappoint! I didn’t even read the synopsis, because her previous work is so good, there was no question I would read this book. So, I dove right in. With 14 chapters completed, so far I look forward with anticipation to each chapter as it is released. I recommend any book she has written, is writing, or for that matter will write! ♥️♥️♥️


Touch of Flame


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Thank you for the wonderful review 💖💗💕


jasmine, i still think you should be published in order to reach more people and i could buy your books to give away That is the only way for a certain type of people who will not read any other way i know it’s amazing but I have friends who have never touched a computer or cell phone but would read your book! if you tell me to delete this message i will i cant access you on instagram and have been unable to message or email you


you are the queen of last lines in a chapter! i still want to buy your books

JasmineJosef:Thank you for the wonderful review 💖💗💕