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A perfect execution of Show, Not Tell. The writing is very concise. It gives a lot of information and details in very few word. Your writing is very brief but comprehensive. I'm jealous of your diverse choice of words and the knowledge on how to use them. You write these scenes masterfully, like when he calls or mentions someone, you either know that character through the original medium or if you don't, you can derive from his writing what kind of character they are. Your style of writing makes this story very interesting. I know this is my second review, but when the double digit chapters were released, I saw a different side of your writing that I previously overlooked. A mastery in Show, Not Tell, a very concise writing. Brief but comprehensive. I couldn't not write this. Thank you for this wonderful story and I look forward for more.


Delinquent in Another World


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Thanks! I usually research a character and it's behavior before introducing them. I know some writers who just make their love interests just to be there with no personality whatsoever, or the same with side characters. I know some characters may not be accurate in terms of the way they do things but I'm trying to give them some depth. Any recommendations are welcome.