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A boring novel with next to nothing going on for it. The death reincarnation system is a bit novel but that doesn't matter since everything about this novel from the protagonist, characters, story, world background, objectives to even the overall vibe just comes off as dull and lifeless. Even when reading a bad novel, I'm a little invested in whatever the protagonist is upto but here we can see early on that his lack of personality is incredibly stunning. You thought generic isekai protagonists or CN protagonists were generic? Think again. This MC is probably the most soulless MC I've come across period. I didn't know protagonists could have less personality than cardboard, I'm astonished. He goes through (added up) decades of a tragic life but comes out of it unaffected, basically the same unbearably uninteresting fellow he's always been. The man has the personality of stale water. I'm singling out the protagonist here but this could honestly be applied to everything, the death simulator aside, this is banal at best and offensively boring at worst. 0.5/5


I Have A Demon God Simulator

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Lol are you even talking abt the same novel ?


ye this was pretty boring imo, definitely not going to keep up with this. i mean ppl know that you u like what u like but that also means u dislike what u dislike.

Lord_Meph1sto:Lol are you even talking abt the same novel ?